VISION – To create sustainable living solutions in the Universe

Stellar Synergetics was officially created on 7-12-10 at 10:20am. However, this venture began long before that. As a child I loved dome houses and would draw floor plans of them and dream about the day I could build my very own dome home.

As an undergrad engineering student I took the opportunity in a few of my mechanical and manufacturing classes to design a geodesic dome frame. This dome was to be built by myself and my soon to be husband for our wedding. So, after almost a year of research and design work, we were set to begin cutting metal 3 weeks before the big day.

The two of us, my maid of honor and a few other friends fabricated the first prototype in about 2 weeks. Then we loaded it up into a moving truck and drove it 200 miles from the machine shop to Eugene with barely one week to the wedding. For the first time ever, we assembled the dome in less than a week and had over 100 people attend our ceremony.


Domes bring BLiSS to Earth and beyond.

Benefits of Bioregenrative Life Support Systems (BLiSS):

  • Sustainable long-duration human presence in space
  • Provides supplementary life support
  • Reduction of consumable resupply (H2O, O2, food)
  • Integrated automation optimizes crew workload

Physiological & Psychological  Countermeasures:

  • Stress Reduction: Improved Restoration & Attention
  • Improved Cognitive Performance: Increased Focus, Reaction Time & Other Performance Measures
  • Zeitgebers: Seasonal Crops, Holiday “Special Meals”
  • Sensory Stimulus: Decreased Sensory Deprivation
    • Visual Appeal: Color, Texture & Change Over Time
    • Olfactory: Aromatherapy & Improved Flavor
    • Tactile: Touching & Masticating Plants
    • Taste: Improved Palatability & Acceptability
  • Provides a “Temporary Escape”

Improved Health, Well-Being & Performance:

  • Improved Habitability & Human Factors
  • Improved Palatability: Improved Caloric Intake
  • Fresh Food: Increased Variety, Reduced Menu Fatigue
  • Enhanced Nutrition: Micronutrients & Phytonutrients
  • Protection from Radiation: Antioxidants
  • Control Over Diet: Harvesting Fresh Crops & Ability to Cook
  • Biophilia: Human-Plant Interaction (HPI)
    • Serenity, Tranquility & Peacefulness
    • Linkage to Earth & Nature
  • Increases Morale: Both from Eating  & Growing Plants
  • Leisure Time Activities: Provides a Sense of Ownership
  • Meaningful Work: Boredom Relief & Opportunistic Science